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            ABOUT US

            “Creating a balance between technology, content and artistic design”.

            Technology Based Magic is a creative, solution-based communication company, that goes FAR BEYOND the limits of
            the digital world. We create visual and interactive experiences for companies, museums, showrooms, and venues.
            We try to find the perfect balance between technology, content and artistic design.

            We create Technology Based MAGIC.

            Our adventure started as a 3D animation company (after having worked on visual effects for “The MATRIX” films,
            “Alexander” by Oliver Stone and other feature films) but has steadily evolved in response to our clients’ needs.

            By not only focusing on what is on the screen, but also what surrounds it, we manage to create an
            immersive experience for you and your clients.  So simply said:

             “You dream it. We create and visualize it.
                    Imagination is the only limit.”

            Contact :

            47 boulevard Aristide Briand
            13100 Aix-en-Provence
            Production : +33 (0) 6 26 02 49 04
            Email :

            Email :
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